Major PSL research programs

Major research programs form the core of PSL’s scientific research strategy. PSL has created discipline-specific programs and interdisciplinary programs through 14 laboratories of excellence (Labex) and 6 Interdisciplinary and Strategic Research Initiatives (IRIS).

PSLEnvironnement CEDRE SACRe CCSCreativity, Cognition and Society GSGlobal Studies GAGovernanceAnalytics OCAVOrigins and Conditions forthe Emergenceof Life SDDSData Science Science Data Scripta IRIS Q-Life PSLChimie PSLMathematics Front-Cog IEC TransLitterae TransferS EUR DEEP DCBIOL CelTis- PhyBio Corail Wifi Dynamo Tepsis Memo-life IPGG HASTEC ESEP ENS-ICFP LabexMajor PSLResearchPrograms