PSL Student Union

Date de création : 2014
Objet : Association

The PSL Student Union: your one-stop shop for all student and campus life news!

Bringing together student council representatives and other students involved in associations throughout all of our campuses, the PSL Student Union plans events the full school year, from September to June, bringing excitement and fun to student life. These include Agora PSL in November, Campus d’Hiver in January, the Garden Party in June, and the Semaine de la Pensée.
The PSL Student Union relays campus news of interest to students and supports cross-institutional student initiatives.

A few words from Sophie Guillet, Co-President of the PSL Student Union

As a CPES student, I had the opportunity to take coursework at various PSL institutions. Not only did this provide me with an enriching course of study, it also allowed me to discover the ins and outs of student life in the different schools. It’s that diversity that motivated me to become involved as President of the PSL Student Union. We organize festive and cultural events that attract engineers, philosophers, and artists alike, because multidisciplinarity and cultural diversity must not be just studied, but lived through experience.

Etudiants à la Garden Party 2017 de l'Union PSL