Finding housing in Paris can be difficult. To help you in this quest, PSL created PSL-Housing, a dedicated service center.

PSL’s housing service

For current and future PSL students and faculty, the PSL-Housing platform is the place to post and look for housing offers:

  • Rentals in France and abroad
  • Roommates in France and abroad
  • Short-term stays in France and abroad

Listings include privately-owned housing, university residences, and real estate agencies.

To gain access, new PSL members need just create an account with their personal email address at pslhousing.psl.eu (registration password: PSLHOUSING). Current PSL members can log on with their PSL ENT codes at pslhousing.psl.eu

Other housing options

Looking for housing in Paris can be difficult. A few services are essential, such as the ones listed here:


Crous de Paris offers students furnished rooms and studios in university dorms. Additional services also provide access to housing subject to certain requirements:

  • Housing in student residences: Espacil Habitat offers housing to scholarship students who do not meet the criteria for CROUS.
  • Social housing reserved for scholarship students or Académie de Paris grantees (partnership agreement with social property management company Lerichemont).Submit your application package via the social assistant with the CROUS office at your school.
  • The LOKAVIZ portal managed by CROUS provides access to private housing offers (homes or apartments) that have received special status from the CNOUS and CROUS according to criteria relating to location, decency, rent amount, and landlord/tenant relationship.
  • Short-term housing arrangements for students interning in Paris or for visiting higher education faculty members can be found on the site Bed & CROUS.
La Cité internationale universitaire de Paris

The Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris (CIUP) is a year-round student residence for French and international students starting at the first-year Master’s level, including PhD researchers and artists. Residents are housed in one of 40 dorms located at the CIUP international campus, and have access to a wide variety of services, including a library, theater, gym classes and equipment, dining halls, cultural activities, and administrative support.


Youth housing

  • ALJT: The Association pour le Logement des Jeunes Travailleurs offers housing to students between the ages of 18 and 32 who have moved for a job or are looking for a job. The association also provides support services.
  • CLLAJ: The Comité Local pour le Logement Autonome des Jeunes de Paris is open to, informs and guides young Parisians between the ages of 18 and 29 in their search for housing.

Community housing

Several associations place students into contact with individuals offering a room in their homes. Register online:


Find a roommate:

  • The kaps project (Kolocation à Projets Solidaires) provides rooming arrangements in working-class neighborhoods for students, as part of a community project run for and with residents of these neighborhoods.
  • CoopColoc: Innovative service providing rooming arrangements to students in social housing.

Roommate offers and requests can be found on several websites:

Private student residences

These residences offer furnished apartments, most often studios coupled with ancillary services (laundry, gym, security monitoring, wifi) and are eligible for housing assistance (APL “Aides pour le logement”).

Information, tours, online leases and reservations:


I spent 3 years living at the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris during my CPES program. The accommodations were ideal, and I made friendships for life.

Lena Dodson, CPES student

Practical information

Housing assistance
Rent guarantees
  • Loca-Pass: Guarantee provided for subsidized housing and accommodations entitled to APL (Aide pour le Logement) only.
  • The Clé (Caution locative étudiante) is a government rent guarantee available to students who do not have access to a guarantor for their housing.
  • VISALE: Guarantee granted to young adults under the age of 30, and to salaried employees over 30 who have not yet received an open-ended employment contract (CDI), who rent private housing accommodations (for their principal place of residence).
Financial difficulty

The Fonds de Solidarité pour le Logement (FSL) grants financial aid for housing-related expenses such as rent and utilities payments.

Legal aid

ADIL (Agence Départementale d’Information sur le Logement de Paris): Association that provides legal counsel on all housing-related matters. Free appointments can be made at offices located in all Paris city halls.

Benoit Sitzia

I was able to find housing at the CROUS Indochine residence located just a few steps from my school.

Beno?t Sitzia, Student at CNSMDP