Master's degree

Earn your Master’s at PSL and you help secure your ambitions, with a world-class diploma recognized by your future employers and the opportunity to work in the top centers of research and innovation.

Graduate education at PSL is selective, targeting students of all backgrounds that display high levels of potential, with the goal of equipping each and every student to excel.

By pursing a Master’s at PSL, you are opting for:

  • internationally recognized, world-class diplomas to ensure a successful launch to your career
  • immersion in some of the most renowned research centers and schools of art and design
  • special access to a vast network of companies formed through the PSL and Université Paris-Dauphine engineering schools as well as the alumni networks.
  • an unparalleled academic experience in every field of knowledge, from generalist disciplines to the rarest specialties
  • a customized, unique academic path encouraged by PSL’s options for student mobility – like the Xtend community access platform – and incredible new opportunities for cross-disciplinary interaction.

Graduate courses at PSL

At the start of the school year in September 2019, Université PSL will offer an entirely new course catalog. New Master’s degrees and concentrations in every field – sciences, engineering, humanities, social sciences and the Arts - to discover on?our website. Applications for Master’s degrees starting on academic year 2019-2020 will become available between January and March 2019, depending on each track. Further information on each course webpage.
Learn about our Master’s programs, Grandes écoles degrees, and graduate studies in the arts:

  • 39?Master’s programs (Master’s-level national or institutional diplomas)
  • Master’s-level 'Grandes écoles' degrees: engineering programs at ESPCI, MINES ParisTech and Chimie ParisTech; école Normale Supérieure diplomas, and paleograph-archivist diplomas from école Nationale des Chartes;
  • graduate degrees at art and design schools in music, film, plastic arts, and decorative arts.??

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